Michael Walsh

Head Distiller

Dingle, County Kerry, Ireland

Michael Walsh - Head Distiller at Boann Distillery

Do they drink whiskey in your hometown? If so, what kind?

Yeah, there’s something like 52 licences for a population of a few thousand people coupled with some of the best whiskey bars in the world are in the town and spread the love for Irish whiskey.


Bi-lingual fluency Gaelige & Bearla. Forgetting more and more every day how to speak French.

How long have you worked as a distiller in Boann Distillery?

Since 1st July 2019.

What was the first whiskey that got you into drinking whiskey? Where did you have it?

A sneaky sip of my Grandfather’s whiskey when my Grandmother wasn’t looking in my Grandparents house…when I was admittedly far too young. I haven’t looked back.

How do you drink your whiskey?

With the tiniest drop of water in a Dingle Crystal glass if possible.

What is your favourite part of the whiskey making process?

I love the variety of the process but my favourite part is working closely with Irish farmers who produce amazing qualities of grains, or the barrel producers bringing in the best casks from around the world.

What is your least favourite part of the whiskey making process?

It’s always a pleasure I can’t pick anything specific.

What is your favourite cask type to work with?

I love pushing the boundaries and discovering new quality casks that others haven’t worked with before.

Who in the distillery is the fastest at unloading a truck full of barrels?


If you had full control over the distillery, what would you make?

Exactly what we are doing now.

Which do you prefer making? Whiskey or gin?

I love making both and creating new flavours but I have more of an attachment to the Whiskeys history and heritage.

What distillery do you want to visit when things open up again?

I want to go check out Killowen!

Irish Whiskey Cask Owner