Ludovic Delamer
A.K.A. ‘Ludo’


Montendre, France

Ludovic Delamer - Distiller at Boann Distillery

Do they drink whiskey in your hometown? If so, what kind?

Yeah, whiskey is popular. Scotch blends are most popular.


Tri-lingual Fluency English, Spanish, & French. Intermediate Russian. Basic Chinese.

How long have you worked as a distiller in Boann Distillery?

Since 17th February 2020.

What was the first whiskey that got you into drinking whiskey? Where did you have it?

Redbreast 15, I tried it in Dick Mack’s Pub while working in the Dingle Distillery.

How do you drink your whiskey?


What is your favourite part of the whiskey making process?

The satisfaction of seeing the spirit flowing through the spirit safe.

What is your least favourite part of the whiskey making process?

Having to discharge the spent grain.

What is your favourite cask type to work with?

Sherry Hogsheads. The aromas are fantastic and the fortified wine reminds me of growing up near Bordeaux.

Who in the distillery is the fastest at unloading a truck full of barrels?

Michael is the fastest, and maybe I could be the second fastest.

If you had full control over the distillery, what would you make?

I would make cellulosic ethanol. It’s basically making alcohol out of cellulose, mainly found in plants, with the help of the right enzymes

Which do you prefer making? Whiskey or gin?

Whiskey. Simply because we make it from scratch. Whereas we are working with spirit in gin already.

What distillery do you want to visit when things open up again?

Killarney Distillery, Kerry. It is not open yet but I heard that they will be making whiskey using pot stills and columns in a beautiful surrounding.

Irish Whiskey Cask Owner