Vintage Mashbills Tasting Pack – 10 x 50ml Bottles


10 x 50ml Bottles – Single Pot Still Spirit – Limited to 500 Tasting Packs.

Boann Distillery is thrilled to introduce the Vintage Mashbills Tasting Pack, which is comprised of ten different single pot still new make samples, produced from the mashbills of old distilleries, now lost to the annals of time.

Each Vintage Mashbill Tasting Pack contains 10 x 50ml bottles, each containing a different new make single pot still distillate. Every bottle is accompanied with a full historic background of the era in which this mashbill was in use, as well as the grains comprised in that mashbill.

Full description and video below.

Single Pot Still Spirit • Non Chill Filtered • Natural Colour • Distilled & Bottled in Ireland • 63% ABV

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