PRIVATE CASK OFFER: Single cask of your choice

Our state-of-the-art distillery is uniquely set up to allow us produce the finest Single Pot Still spirit of unrivalled quality. In fact, our three copper pot stills are the only whiskey stills in the world that utilise nano-technology in their design, allowing us to create a literal flavour library of spirit, long before it ever finds a cask.

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Every drop of distillate at Boann Distillery is overseen by one of Ireland’s most awarded Head Distillers, Michael Walsh. He has been expertly crafting our unique pot still distillate since the start, utilising only the finest grown Irish barley and Boyne Valley water.

Whiskey has long been a closely guarded asset that rarely changed hands outside of distilleries and brand owners. For too long, investment opportunities in whiskey casks were few and far between, for those outside of the distilleries themselves. Thankfully that all has changed.

Whether you are looking to lay down a cask for your child’s twenty-first birthday, or to lay down casks as an alternative liquid investment, Boann Distillery has something for you. Choose from twelve different cask types.

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Prices quoted per cask under bond.

Prices quoted exclude Duty and VAT.

The buyer is solely responsible for any customs, excise duty and other taxes incurred by removal from the bonded warehouse.

All whiskey spirit will be laid down to mature for five years, in premium barrels, with maturation duration extensions possible with warehouse owners upon request.

Virgin European and American oak casks, are available on request with a minimum order quantity of five casks (1 pallet) of a single variety per order.

Virgin non-oak varieties of wood, juniper, chestnut, wild cherry and mulberry are also available on request, with a minimum order quantity of six casks (1 pallet) of a single variety per order.

Angel’s Share: During maturation alcohol evaporates from the cask at an average rate of 2% – 2.5% per annum. This is known as the Angel’s Share and losses in excess of these rates may occur and will be individual to each cask.

PORTFOLIO CASK OFFER: Multiple casks of Single Pot Still Whiskey

With Irish whiskey retaining the title of the ‘World’s Fastest Growing Spirit Category’ for almost two decades, there has never been a better time to lay down your own casks of Ireland’s national spirit.

Boann Distillery’s cask offer gives you an exclusive opportunity to curate your own first steps in the Irish whiskey industry with a wide range of cask offerings, to be filled with Ireland’s definitive style, Single Pot Still whiskey.

Each cask will be laid down under a government bond, under your own name, giving you full control and security of your Irish whiskey liquid story.

As the global appetite for Irish whiskey continues to grow, so too does the interest in casks of Irish whiskey as an investment opportunity.

It is clear to see that Irish whiskey is currently thriving around the world, with all international markets in substantial growth** (IWA source). In fact, every category of Irish whiskey is thriving, with the United States being the largest growth market for the category.

According to the International Wines and Spirits Record (IWSR), premiumisation is the key driver in the industry, with the premium and super premium categories of Irish whiskey in North America growing a staggering 1,106% and 3,385% since 2002. As Single Pot Still whiskey is the definitive style of whiskey in Ireland, this provides great opportunities for growth and premiumisation in the whiskey market in the United States and across the world.

Single Pot Still whiskey’s inclusion of unmalted barley is what differentiates the category from the likes of Single Malt whiskey. This style of whiskey is famous for its viscous and creamy mouthfeel, with full bodied flavours that pair perfectly with both ex-bourbon and fortified wine casks.

With our Boann Distillery Portfolio Offer, we give you the opportunity to buy six or more Bourbon 200 litre barrels (1 pallet) or five Sherry 250 litre casks (1 pallet) or multiples thereof at a special discounted price.

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As a Boann Distiller’s Cask Selection owner, you will own exclusive bottlings from our distillers choice casks — the best casks hand picked as they mature in our barrel room and selected by our master distiller as the best expressions of our signature style.

Each year for ten years you will receive a bottle of the maturing whiskey, building a unique and covetable vertical collection of our special whiskeys, all with a unique limited edition label.

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    To explore the opportunity to become either a Private Cask owner, a Portfolio Cask owner, or a Distiller’s Cask Selection owner, simply contact Matt or Paddy at the distillery today.

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